Chapul Innovation & Research Center

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Our project development spans the globe, but our home is in McMinnville, OR. 

Our center supports the basic and applied research needs of insect agriculture and enables commercial project development that will accelerate the climate and soil health benefits of insect agriculture. 

Bioregional Core
Co-Located with Soil Food Web

The opportunity to be co-located with The Soil Food Web is unparalleled. Dr. Elaine Ingham and the Soil Food Web platform have established themselves as global leaders in soil microbiology and the benefits it has to soil carbon sequestration, and applied plant and agricultural productivity. 

Purpose of Center
  1. Run trials on various feedstocks to analyze the performance of insects’ ability to upcycle organic waste streams into higher value nutrition

  2. Analyze the performance of insect frass (manure) as a biofertilizer, adding essential microorganisms to healthy soil profiles that facilitate higher nutrient uptake to plants, soil carbon sequestration, and greater water holding capacity

  3. Serve as an outreach/demonstration facility to educate a broader population on the regenerative potential of insect agriculture.