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Soil-Healing Frass

Fertilizers from insects to reinvent soil and plant nutrition. 

The primary product of black soldier fly farms is frass: a mixture of insect manures, exoskeletons, & organic residues that can enhance soil health as locally produced, natural fertilizers.

  • Frass is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, along with diverse beneficial microbiota from the insect gut.

  • Frass improves soil structure, improves soil water retention, soil nutrient availability and microbial respiration, as well as biostimulant properties to increase plant and soil health. 

  • Similar to compost or animal manure, frass adds diverse, crucial organic matter, chitin, and microbes to rebuild soil structure, improve  bioavailability of other soil nutrients, and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

  • Frass shows promise in commercial trials as a replacement for synthetic fertilizers.

BSF Frass Soil Amendment

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A natural biostimulant, rich in microorganisms, organic matter, and key nutrients. A natural way to decrease the use of chemical fertilizers / pesticides, improve soil structure, and increase nutrient bioavailability.

Frass Benefits

May also include: 


Offsets Chemicals

Offsets chemical fertilizer and pesticide application costs

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Natural Immunity

Chitin in frass stimulates natural plant immunity to pests

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Rebuild Soil Structure

Improved drought resistance, soil water retention and structure

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Frass is naturally low-odor

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Plant & Microbe Health

Improves plant, soil, and beneficial microbe health

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Food Security

Frass can be locally produced from organic waste, reducing reliance on imports

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