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End to end partner for insect agriculture services


Chapul Innovation Lab Services

Chapul Farms Innovation Laboratory offers capabilities encompassing the full spectrum of insect agriculture. We maintain the full lifecyle of Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) in our facility, monitoring key metrics to report the results most pertinent to your research. We have many collaborative industry partners engaged in everything from waste management to aquaculture feed trials and can customize your specific needs, beyond the walls of our lab.

Examples of our in-house capabilities include:


Feedstock Assessment

  • Feedstock feasibility analysis

  • Feedstock formulation development

  • Feedstock processing and optimization

  • Bioremediation potential

  • ESG and Impact assessment reporting for waste and by-product management


Insect Lifecycle

  • Bioconversion studies

  • Breeding

  • Project-specific techno-economic assessments

  • Seed stock supply

  • Genetics research


Insect-Based Products & Trials

  • Ingredient processing

  • Product development

  • Product research

  • Feed trials

  • Soil trials

  • Distribution

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Feedstock Assessment

Insects have a very compelling offering in evaluating waste-to-value options for a wide variety of agriculture and food processing byproducts and waste streams. We offer services from feasibility analysis to processing optimization of various feedstocks.


Insect Lifecycle

Our lab contains BSFL at each stage of life. Our team's industry-leading production metrics and insight improve production efficiency, yield, biosecurity, and more.

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Insect Products.png


Product Processing & Distribution 

Chapul Farms specializes in ensuring product quality, consistency, reliability, and transparency. 

Optimized Environment & Data

By co-locating the insect facilities with the feedstock, we maximize the bioregional benefits . Minimal transport means minimal energy and other resource use.

Black Soldier Fly

Black soldier flies (BSF) - hermetia illucens - are voracious eaters, consuming a wide range of organic materials.

Diet Decoded

Even though BSF are flexible eaters, performance can be optimized by balancing the energy they get from starches, sugars, and lipids and the digestibility of their protein.


BSF thrive on dry substrates that have been moistened or feedstock with a moisture content of up to 85 - 95%. This means many byproducts do not need to be dried before they can be used as feedstock.

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