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Catch up on *the buzz*.

Congresswoman Andrea Salinas praises Chapul Farms

Congresswoman Andrea Salinas praises Chapul Farms’ work at the recent Zero Waste McMinnville annual dinner.

Interview with The Regenerative Farmers of America

How we turned a global problem into a food waste solution. 

Chapul Innovation Center tour with Mykl Nelson

An interview with Patrick Crowley & Todd Severson of Chapul Farms in McMinnville, OR.

Interview with ReFED - Insect Farming & Food Waste

All the Buzz: The Value of Insect Farming in Upcycling Food Waste into Animal Feed.

Chapul Farms Mini Doc

Chapul Farms MiniDoc - How Bug Poop Saves the World


Farming insects to save the world | Pat Crowley | TEDxMcMinnville

Chapul Shark Tank Update- March 2022

We share the latest with the Sharks. 

Chapul Farms tour with SEDCOR

Behind The Scenes At Chapul Farms: The Black Soldier Fly Larva Revolution

Chapul Cricket Bars

From the 2014 archive. 

Nexus PMG Bigger Than Us Podcast

Episode 95 interviews our CEO Pat Crowley. 

Pat Crowley presents at the GFIME global ag innovations

2019 Archive: The Future of Insect Farming. Pat Crowley, founder of Chapul, presents GFIME global ag innovations.

Pat Crowley presents at TEDxZwolle

2015 Archive: Eating insects | Pat Crowley | TEDxZwolle

Pat Crowley presents at TEDx

2014 Archive: Can eating insects solve global issues in an ever-changing world? | Pat Crowley | TEDxSaltLakeCity

Pat Crowley - What is a Conscious Brand?

2019 Archive: Chapul || What is a Conscious Brand?

Chapul and Mark Cuban - Shark Tank followup

2016 Archive: Shark Tank Follow Up

Shark Tank - Chapul - Cricket-Filled Protien Bars

2015 Archive: Chapul on Shark Tank 

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