Premium Products

Our sustainable facilities produce 2 high-value products: 

(1) Insect Ingredients: As a natural part of most animal diets, the larvae themselves are premium ingredients for pet food, aquafeed, and poultry feed for their bioavailable fats, proteins, and other nutrients. 


(2) Frass Soil Amendment: Frass is a natural soil-amending bioremediation tool that provides a potent alternative to synthetic fertilizers. 

Animal Feed Products

supplying feed for fish (primarily via sustainable aquaculture) and poultry (primarily pasture raised) to ensure these animals are eating what they're meant to eat...insects.

Free Range Poultry Farm
Cat Nibble

Pet Food Ingredients

supporting the health and vitality of our best friends with the most nutritious and sustainable sources of protein and fat.

Soil Remediation Products

replenishing microbes and critical nutrients in our soils via insect frass to minimize the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides/herbicides.

Black Soil

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