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As nature's bio-processors, insects are incredibly efficient at re-integrating nutrients into the food system in the form of bio-mass (larvae) and frass (insect manure and exoskeletons).


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Animal Feed

supplying feed for fish (primarily via sustainable aquaculture), poultry (primarily pasture raised), and other animals that evolved to eat and benefit from insects.

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Pet Food

supporting the health and vitality of our best friends with the most nutritious and sustainable sources of bioavailable proteins, fats, and other nutrients. 

Garden Soil

replenishing microbes and critical nutrients in soil. Frass is a potent alternative to chemical fertilizers/pesticides/herbicides, improving soil structure and health.

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Premium Ingredients for Aquafeed, Poultry, & Pet Food

  • Bioavailable fats, proteins, and other nutrients

  • Improved palatability and animal behavior

  • Improved gut health

  • Broad-based immunological strengthening

  • Specific value targeting problematic pathogens

  • Sustainability

  • Better animal welfare

  • Viable strategy even at low inclusion rates


Cricket Powder Products

We also wholesale and retail cricket powder on

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