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Services & Project Development

Chapul Farms builds customized insect facilities that symbiotically integrate biology and engineering. These facilities use black soldier fly larvae to bio-convert organics waste streams into valuable byproducts.


Together with Nexus PMG, we integrate proven systems into larger scale designs. We leverage over a decade of experience to support the optimal development and operations of insect agriculture facilities.

Full-Service Insect Farm Project Development

Image by Jaron Nix
  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Optimized Feedstock Formulations

  • Bioconversion Evaluation

  • Preliminary Economic Analysis

Feedstock Analysis and Development

Feedstock Analysis & Development

  • Project Execution Design and Schedule

  • Procurement and Contract Plan

  • Project Control Estimate

  • Commercial Pilot Design

Feedstock Analysis and Development

Front End Engineering & Design

  • Insect and Frass Distribution

  • Operation and Maintenance Services

  • Optimize Current Operations

  • Biotechnology Support 

Feedstock Analysis and Development

Full System Build & Operation

Optimizing Insect Biology

Our team has decades of experience in insect biology and rearing. We use this expertise to optimize nature's waste processors, the black soldier fly larvae:

Image by Isaac Smith
Feedstock Analysis and Development


Insect farm project development; from analysis to design to full-scale build out and optimization 

Image by Adi Goldstein
Feedstock Analysis and Development


Pre-project feasibility and economic analytics, formulation optimization, bioconversion studies

Image by Danist Soh
Feedstock Analysis and Development


Commercial pilot design, execution schedule, procurement and contract plans, control estimate

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Feedstock Analysis and Development


Operation and maintenance support and facility microclimate control and optimization

Image by Zosia Korcz
Feedstock Analysis and Development


Optimization of byproducts and development of markets for animal feed and frass soil amendment

Image by Louis Reed
Feedstock Analysis and Development


Test and formulate feedstocks to optimize bioconversion rates and nutrition outcomes


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