Transforming Food Systems with Insect Biology

We build scalable insect farms to close agricultural production loops and ensure future food security.

Chapul Farms Brings Biology Back to Food Systems

We use black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) microbiology to close agricultural production loops. The insects consume and upcycle nutrients previously destined for landfills, restoring biodiversity to soils and gut microbiomes.


 Organics Waste Management

 Sustainable Poultry & Aquafeed

Premium Pet Food Ingredients

Regenerative Soil Products

Closing the Loop

Re-integrating insect biology into agricultural systems is key to a food future that is sustainable, resilient, and secure.


Insects upcycle would-be-waste into two valuable byproducts: the larvae themselves (premium feed ingredient) and frass (insect manure; a soil-healing alternative to synthetic fertilizers). 

Our Partners

Engineering Plans

In Partnership With Nexus PMG

We combine full-service integrated biological solutions with best-in-class project engineers to create profitable projects that solve organics waste challenges.


We partnered with a leader in climate-focused project development, Nexus PMG, to combine their experienced track record with our world-class expertise in living systems integration. Together, we customize organics waste solutions at scale. 

Project Development

Feedstock Analysis & Development

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Optimized Feedstock Formulations

  • Bioconversion Evaluation

  • Preliminary Economic Analysis

Front End Engineering & Design

  • Project Execution Design and Schedule

  • Procurement and Contract Plan

  • Project Control Estimate

  • Commercial Pilot Design

Full System Build & Operation

  • Insect and Frass Distribution

  • Operation and Maintenance Services

  • Optimize Current Operations

  • Biotechnology Support 


Innovation Center

Our home is in McMinnville, Oregon. As our flagship facility, the McMinnville Innovation Center is the epicenter of our efforts to accelerate, optimize, and deliver the full benefits of insect agriculture. 

Here, we evaluate insect biology at benchtop, pilot, demonstration, and commercial scale.