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Problem: Planet Earth is currently losing biodiversity and trending towards an inhospitable habitat for humans 

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Chapul FarmsSolution

Change the direction of biodiversity loss on planet earth by weaving insects into the current agricultural and energy infrastructure. 

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Why: Insects can intersect net-loss energy systems and convert them to net-positive biologic and economic gains

How: Chapul creates insect habitats within agri-systems, supported by economic growth from insect-based markets

Chapul FarmsMissionStatement

Chapul Farms ‘ mission is to develop commercial insect facilities that advance key environmental impact goals toward sustainable (net-zero) and regenerative (net positive) initiatives, including the health of homo sapiens communities. Chapul develops economic incentives for human actions to expedite the development of insect habitats within agri-systems. 

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Strategy: Chapul fosters deep human connections to build community insect projects highlight by excellence in execution. 

"We’re all interconnected, and we are connected by the space between us. It's all energy."

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