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Wholesale Cricket Powder

Our experience in cricket supply chain logistics ensures
Quality, consistency, reliability, & transparency
Product compliance, sustainability, & nutrition

Supplying exceptional quality, consistency, transparency, & sustainability since 2012.

When you just can't get enough.


One size does not fit all. We fulfill orders of all sizes.

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Our premium products undergo an invasive review to ensure product consistency, stability, and safety.


Our extensive vetting process includes a thorough review of processing methods, quality testing, and food safety systems. To top off our intense review we also require 3rd-party audit certifications.

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Whether it is the nutty, earthy flavor of crickets or the malty, sweet flavor of black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), insects are full of delicious flavor.

Insects are an ancient protein source that has been part of human and animal diets for millennia. Today, they are consumed in many countries around the world.

Insects are a tasty way to boost the protein content in baked goods, pasta, bread and so much more! For pets, chickens and other livestock, feed studies including insects show improved palatability and other behavioral and immunological benefits, too.


As a complete protein, insects contain all essential amino acids and prebiotic fiber, which improves gut and immune health.


Each insect has its own superpower. For example, crickets are a tremendous source of bioavailable vitamin B12 and iron, while BSFL is high in calcium and lauric acid.

It's not just about what you get out of our crickets, but also what goes into them. That's why we raise our insects without antibiotics or pesticides. By omitting additives and preservatives, we maintain the delicious flavor without compromising your health.


Nature has handed us the missing link to sustainable food systems: insects.


Insects require less land, water, and feed to raise than other protein resources while emitting fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Not only do they require fewer resources, but they also heal our Earth by replenishing our soil with beneficial microbes.


Chapul is leading the way in supplying ingredients that are not only delicious superfoods but also heal the environment they are grown in.

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