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Building A Food-Secure Future

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Chapul Farms designs, builds, and operates modular insect farms that turn organic waste into high-value food and agricultural products as a model of circular food systems of the future.


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The Ecosystem of Insect Agriculture

Chapul Farms is active across the spectrum of insect agriculture development. We work with a variety of clients to incorporate insects and insect-based research into overlapping areas of impact.

We work with you to develop a customized approach to how your organization and initiatives can benefit from the vast potential to engage with the circle that is insect agriculture.

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Chapul Innovation Center

Our center supports the basic and applied research needs of insect agriculture and supports larger project development that will accelerate the climate and soil health impacts of insect agriculture. 

Here, we evaluate insect biology at benchtop, pilot, demonstration, and commercial scale. 

Premium Products for Growing Markets

Custom Insect Farms

*project development; alternative to landfills for waste management

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Insect Ingredients 


Soil Health Products

End-to-End Project Development Service Offerings
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  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Optimized Feedstock Formulations

  • Bioconversion Evaluation

  • Preliminary Economic Analysis

Feedstock Analysis and Development

Feedstock Analysis & Development

  • Project Execution Design and Schedule

  • Procurement and Contract Plan

  • Project Control Estimate

  • Commercial Pilot Design

Feedstock Analysis and Development

Front End Engineering & Design

  • Insect and Frass Distribution

  • Operation and Maintenance Services

  • Optimize Current Operations

  • Biotechnology Support 

Feedstock Analysis and Development

Full System Build & Operation

Cooperative Advantage
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Industry Leader

Chapul’s CEO appointed as  “Industry Board Chair” for National Science Foundation's Center for Environmental Sustainability Through Insect Farming

Uniquely Partnered

Internationally renowned climate project developers Nexus PMG  lend experience, track record for excellence, and the capacity to scale quickly with team of 100 + engineers.

About Us

Insects are a keystone species to healthy ecosystems. Re-integrating this natural "tech" into our food system is the single most impactful step we can take toward a resilient future. 

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