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Project Services

Full Spectrum Insect Nutrient Recovery & Project Services

In partnership with Nexus PMG


Nature-Based, Circular Solutions

Our technical team worked with the engineers from Nexus PMG to design a proprietary, best-in-class, highly efficient (as measured by bioconversion rates) insect agriculture facility.


This design can accommodate 150 metric tonnes per day of capacity and already has an approved plan and capital budget by the board of our strategic partner, Nexus PMG.

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Designed to be implemented on-site in the agricultural setting to eliminate the transportation emissions associated with getting rid of waste.

To build insect facilities our team:



  • Performs feedstock analysis,

  • Feedstock trials,

  • Feedstock formulations, and

  • Early-stage facility feasibility analysis



  • Leads development efforts,

  • Project management,

  • Stakeholder engagement, and

  • Guides facilities through the FEL process



  • Leads project financing efforts,

  • Construction oversight/support,

  • Staffing and ramp-up efforts to get projects from FID (financial investment decision) to COD (commercial operations date)

FEL Process.png


Phase-gated, flexible approach

Step-by-step to successful, scalable units.

To build insect ag facilities, we deploy a “phase-gated” development process (the “FEL process”) to ensure certain milestones are reached at the conclusion of each phase and a go/no-go decision is made prior to releasing capital to commence the next phase.


Industry-leading expertise

Maximize breeding & nutritional performance.

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Integrated, advantaged designs

Strategic symbiosis, custom delivered.

Our proprietary full-system design is an integration of proven technologies customized for our needs in the food processing, warehousing, and indoor agriculture industries. 


BSFL Facilities have a more advantageous business model with competitive economic returns.

Modular Design 

Our breeding and bioconversion tech are optimized for versatility and maintaining consistent performance in large-scale operations.

Optimized Climate Control 

We leverage precision automated climate control systems and mechanized equipment in an integrated, controlled, end-to-end process.

Stacked Long-Term Value

We're at the bleeding edge of a rapidly growing industry; stacked value propositions inherent to BSFL include a range of powerful antimicrobial, immunological, and behavioral benefits for a wide range of livestock species. Frass is expected to revolutionize soil industries.

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