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Scale me up, Scotty!

Insect farming is a viable, scalable global redirect of an extraction-based agricultural industry to a more holistic, closed-loop model.

Dear Change-Maker,

Chapul Farms sells custom black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) farms to food/feed producers with organics waste. The BSFL eat/upcycle the waste into naturally nutritious feed for other animals (the larvae) and potent biofertilizer (the larvae excrement).

  • Mission: To restore biodiversity to agriculture, soil, and planet earth for a more sustainable, resilient, and secure food system.

  • Power: Insects represent microbiome symbiosis in natural systems. Industrialized food systems have removed these essential cogs from the system. As a keystone species, insects must be restored to our ecosystem to heal soil and human/animal guts.

Building Closed Loop, Resilient Systems

Chapul Farms is a project developer that designs, builds, and operates modular insect farms that turn organic waste into high-value nutrients. In partnership with Nexus PMG’s experienced team, Chapul Farms is ready to scale this circular solution to a > $1B project pipeline.

(Not) Secret Sauce

In partnership with Nexus PMG, who has established a record for project execution through long-term project success, we distinguish ourselves from other insect industry companies that have little experience.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) have proven to be remarkably effective at consuming a wide range of organic materials and converting them into their protein- and lipid-rich biomass and soil-healing frass.

Processing organics wastes with BSFL produces 70-90% lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to composting. *mic drop*

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Sincerely Circular,

The Chapul Farms Team


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