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The epicenter of our efforts 🌎

To accelerate, optimize, and deliver the full benefits of insect agriculture 👈 👈

Innovation Center

Our project development spans the globe, but our home is in McMinnville, OR. ​

Dear Change-Maker,

Chapul Farms' Innovation & Research Center is located in McMinnville, OR on a 600-acre farm. Here, our lab breaks down a wide range of potential feedstock substrates to assess project viability.

  • By running feedstock trials and evaluating bioconversion (the rate at which the larvae transform feedstock into body mass,) our team can optimize the transformation of organic residues into nourishing, safe feed for insects.

  • This bioregional engine of growth amplifies all of our efforts in global projects. What we discover in our local lab will optimize projects abroad, and vice versa, in this beneficial, circular model.

Project Support

As our "core production unit," the McMinnville facility is critical to supporting our commercial projects.

Collaboration Hub

Located on a 600 acre regenerative farm in collaboration with Tainable and Dr. Elaine's Soil Food Web, our projects showcase the potential of regenerative agriculture.

The purpose of our center is to:

  1. Run trials on various feedstocks to analyze the performance of insects’ ability to upcycle organic waste streams into higher value nutrition

  2. Analyze the performance of insect frass (manure) as a biofertilizer, adding essential microorganisms to healthy soil profiles that facilitate higher nutrient uptake to plants, soil carbon sequestration, and greater water holding capacity

  3. Serve as an outreach/demonstration facility to educate a broader population on the regenerative potential of insect agriculture.

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