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Cooperative Advantage

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Internally, we call our team the “Team Avengers of the Bug World.” Leaders across the insect industry united under one brand AND partnered with internationally renowned and experienced climate project developers Nexus PMG, to lend experience, a track record for excellence in execution, and the capacity to scale quickly.

  • We’ve seen recent acceleration in our industry; see fundraising efforts from similar companies in the EU (Innovafeed) and Asia (Nutrition Technologies).

  • Chapul Farms (with Nexus PMG) is the leader in US insect agriculture operations. Let’s scale.

Nexus PMG

In partnership with Nexus PMG, we distinguish ourselves from other insect industry companies that have little experience. Combined with the top-in-class BSFL biology experience of our team, we are uniquely capable.

Industry Leadership

Pat (our CEO) was elected the Chair of the Industry Advisory Board for the National Science Foundation's new Insect Research Center - (Center for the Environmental Sustainability through Insect Farming).

We’ve seen an imbalance between vision and execution for the industry, often because of the complexity of insect colonies as living, dynamic systems.

Our team is distinguished by our expertise in biological systems integration and a partnership with best-in-class climate infrastructure engineers, Nexus PMG.

We’re excited to expand Nexus’s already growing track record of successful, climate-critical waste-to-value projects.

Sincerely Circular,

The Chapul Farms Team

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