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Challenges = Opportunities

Focus is shifting from risk mitigation to opportunity capture 🍃

Challenges = Opportunities

The climate tech industry is going to change more in the next 4 years than it has in the past 40.

The system intended to feed and nourish humanity - the food and agriculture sector - is complex. With increasing demands on degrading land, climate, and human health, the extractive, linear thinking that brought us to this point cannot solve our problems. A new approach to food production is needed. One that regenerates biodiversity, restores crop nutrition, and adapts to diversity.

  • Credit Suisse predicts: (1) federal spending will be double what the CBO projects and (2) the US is poised to become the world’s leading energy provider (based on America’s new Inflation Reduction Act.)

  • The IRA changes the narrative from risk mitigation to opportunity capture: “Companies should no longer worry that they might be unprepared for future climate regulation; they should be scared of missing out on the economic growth that the energy transition (and the IRA) will bring about.”

Add Structure to Complexity

That’s what business models like ours are doing. With our modular solution that can work at a small or large scale, we provide a way for capital to meaningfully participate in the regeneration of land and community at scale.

Food and Finance

These two complex systems are inextricably linked. You can’t fix a broken food system with a broken financial system. Many funds are investing in portfolio companies along the whole food production value chain. We say: why not invest in a circular business model that creates a whole value chain?

The number of Americans working in a climate-relevant industry is going to explode. “The great story of our lives is just beginning. Welcome aboard.” - Robinson Meyer


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