We can make multiple cases for why our business is poised to be a unicorn. For how our potential ROI is off-the-charts between profitability and positive environmental impacts.

  • No poverty: Site selected in low-income urban development opportunity zone

  • Zero hunger: Increase food production with pre-existing and universally available resource

  • Good health and well being: insects are a complete protein with gut microbiome and immunological benefits

  • Quality education: Partnership with NSF and universities to support academic advancements in entomology, microbiology, and food science

  • Clean water and sanitation: contributes to the decrease of N runoff to waterways. Reduces eutrophication from aquaculture 

  • Affordable and clean energy: modeled to scale with CSP solar energy to produce low cost caloric joules

  • Decent work and economic growth: adding STEM jobs into urban growth areas

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure: developing innovative infrastructure to adapt to current waste management and food production objectives

  • Sustainable cities and communities: a model of zero waste and closed-loop system design

  • Responsible consumption practices: inputs are primarily landfill diversions. Targeting a zero-waste facility. 

  • Climate action: eliminating food waste is number one objective of Project Drawdown

  • Life below water: BSFL replaces wild-caught fish meal. Immunological benefits reduce need for antibiotics in aquafeed

  • Life on land: BSFL requires 1000x less land per unit of protein compared to soy. 

  • Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions: food insecurity and violent conflict inextricably linked (FAO 2018)

  • Partnerships for the goals: established partnerships in place with non-profits, academia, and NGOs. 

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